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ABOUT THE AUTHOR Helen Downing has aspired to be many things in life. An actress, a writer, a trophy wife, a publicist, and a bang up media sales executive. In reality, she's a chubby, middle-aged wife and mother of two who is addicted to sci-fi and social networking. Please buy this book. It's her only chance of ever fulfilling her full potential, and possibly getting into heaven.


Awake In Hell

November 2012

Meet Louise Patterson.
She is dead.
She has been dead for a while.
And she is in Hell.

Join our foul-mouthed hero as she embarks on a Hellatious adventure; Filled with demons, ghosts, dreams, magic, temp jobs, wardrobe malfunctions, and quite possibly redemption.

Desk with Book

"Life is just a temp job. One, ultimately, from we all ultimately get fired."

Helen Downing, Awake In Hell



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